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Specialized in Object Oriented design and development for the Windows environment.

Specialized in Object Oriented design and development for the Windows NT environment.

C++, Java, JDBC, CGI, C, Windows MFC, COM, Sybase SQL, HTML, Internet/Intranet, PVCS, TCP/IP, ASP, JSP, Enterprise Java Beans, Servlets, MS SQL, Oracle PL-SQL, Sybase SQL / SP, Fusebox Coldfusion, Siebel, Tibco, Windchill, Photoshop Protrait Retouching, Photoshop masking& Compositing, Catia NC Programming, Catia 3D, Catia / PC integration, Catia

Self Employee Piney Flats, TN 2/2009 - Now

  • Working on building small to medium Web Sites in the Johnson City, Piney Flats and Tri-City Tennessee Area. He also does photograph imaging Camera work with Photoshop. This includes Compositing and Masking, Protraits, Creative effects, Scanning & Restoring, Shapes and Logos, landscape touchups, Web resume, Books Advertisement and Information. Microsoft Programming -for dynammic websites.
  • Web sites for Law and Attorney offices, Dental offices, Doctor offices, Car Dealers, Real estate, Resterants, Retail Stores, Specialty Stores, Hot tub and pool companies, Artist and Insurance and Fanancial services.

Employee Boeing KentWA 6/2004 to 3/2008

  • Developing Six Sigma Statistics Variation Management environment. Create web site from design phase from start to finish with Micrososoft .NET / MS SQL / for showing composite view of 787 Dreamliner and creating an environment to interact with composite images and other parts of airplane and show statistical analyze of variation on Key characteristic data on parts. Users could interactively drill down to any part that Boeing is keeping Key Characteristics data on and retrieve statistical graphs. Variation management web was was created in C# and Visual Studio. Also I was writing utilities for the factories for automating data collection and processes. These programs were services and programs for integrating measurement hardware used in the factory and then analyzed by statistician for process improvement and quality control.
  • Web Development working on Microsoft Calendar Program that uses ICAL POP3 (like hotmail) to keep meeting information for multiple users inside and outside Boeing. Using VB, C# services and C++ to maintain and enhance website for users and security. Web Development for FCS Advance Collaborative Environment Web Development Programming for creating a Web site for Collaborative environment for sharing CAD/CAM between multiple companies that (federate information CAD Files) working for the Army Future Combat Systems. This project use Windchill, Oracle PL-SQL, JMS, Java, XML transactions & IBM MQ services, JSP pages, XLST and TIBCO technology for creating a complex secure environment for manufacturers to share designs and to automate the task of manufacturing between companies and groups that work for the army.

Employee AT&T Wireless Redmond WA 6/98 to 11/2003

  • Web Development for Commissioning Systems Web Development Programming for creating a business Web sites for calculating commissions for selling cellular phone and calling packages. This project use ColdFusion, Oracle PL-SQL and Siebel technology for creating a complex commissioning calculations and reporting for AT&T Wireless employees as well as other independent store fronts.
  • Sales and Ordering Web Development Web Development Programming for creating a business Web site for selling cellular phone and long distance packages. This project uses JSP, Enterprise Java Beans, HTML, JavaScript and servlets technology for creating a complex dynamic order entry system which includes prospect identification, offer selection, cellular options, account lookup, payment options, fulfillment, activation, return and exchanges for AT&T Wireless telemarketing call centers.

Consultant AT&T Wireless Kirkland WA 10/98 6/98

  • Web Development Web Programming to create a custom trouble ticketing system that dynamically create custom forms & and HTML pages for different customers requirements. This project uses ASP, MS SQL database, JavaScript and VBScript. Creating PERL scripts for database replication and installation. Created HTML custom reporting pages.

Consultant StrobeData Redmond WA 5/98 8/98

  • Device Driver development (DOS & Windows NT) for PDP-11. Device Driver development (DOS & Windows NT) for PDP-11. PC emulation. NT system programming, communication pipes, LSRMST and modem handshaking.

Employee at   System by Design contracting at AT&T Wireless - Redmond, WA 6/95 - 5/98

  • Windows Client/Server Programming. Design and development of a NAS LASER client accounting program which is written in MFC Windows using Sybase SQL, stored procedures etc. This MFC client entry system tracks company accounts, carrier contracts and subscriber information using a HP Unix server with Sybase system 11 database.
  • Written for Windows NT using Visual C++, MFC, Win32 API, Sybase SQL
  • Porting the customer service application to the Internet/Intranet using Java applets and Java servlets, JDBC, CGI, HTML.

The Boeing Commercial Airplane Company Boeing - Renton, WA 1986 - 6/1995

  • Windows/Graphics/Win32 Programming. Applied medical ultrasonic imaging technology to evaluate aircraft structures. Specialized in C++ and C programming for NDT applications. Worked on PC based ultrasonic inspection systems which includes writing software for Windows graphical analysis of ultrasonic scans of composite parts, databases & real-time data acquisition under Windows NT.
  • Experienced in writing applications using Borland OWL & Microsoft MFC for NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) applications.
  • Possess a working knowledge of hardware, A/D cards, printers, serial connections and Windows graphics programming.
  • Responsible for writing driver routines in C and assembly language to robotically scan composite parts and graphically display ultrasonic images.
  • Developed smart (A/I) computer vision programs to find and analyze defects.
  • Created software for a contour scanning system utilizing an Allen Bradley NC controller. This package is used to scan (geometrically) complex composite parts using the CATIA (CAD/CAM) models for contour and robotic motion control information.
  • Developed software used to overlay ultrasonic images of parts with drafting (CAD/CAM) models for dimensional measurements. Learn to transfer in Catia data sets to PC and PC scans to Catia. This work involved writing routines to read and display models in a Windows environment to used Catia Drafted scans to create NC parts in side of Catia for demostration and part creation.
  • Responsible for creating a database archiving system to store ultrasonic images on CD-ROM and to track airplane part and defect information.

Boeing Computer Services Boeing - Renton, Wa 1983-1986

  • Worked as a Flight Simulation Engineer, responsible for programming simulation & emulation software for the autopilot and flight management computer and integrating routines with other programs to emulate a complete 737-800 airplane. Was involved in wind shear studieds, testing the simulators with a pilot and support for the autopilot's specifications.


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Wayne Woodmansee PhD(Technical Fellow, Boeing) page1,page2

John P. Uyemura PhD(Professor Georgia Tech)

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School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Specializing in Computer Engineering,  Dean's List (all quarters except 2)

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Windows Programming I & II & MFC& Win32 Advance Windows, COM (152 hours), JAVA (40 hours), C#, PEARL, .NET XML Services, XLST, XPOINTER, XPATH, MS SQL -40 hours



C programming I & II, C programming III Database Structures, C++, UNIX I & II, CATIA CAD/CAM)- (Basic, Immediate, Advanced, Draw, NC, Robotics, Kinematics, Solids) CADKEY